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You notice that you have poor credit and you want to do something about it. Yes, that is the first step. You have the desire and will to want to improve your credit. But what should you do? 

What are the first few actions that you should take to have an impact on your credit? The truth is that it is difficult to genuinely dig yourself out of a credit problem.

The reason why is because you have to understand the nature of credit and act accordingly. But that means that you have to increase your knowledge and improve your financial habits.

But what is your motivation to improve your credit? The reason why many people want to move past poor credit is because they want better benefits. For instance, with better credit, you can get tremendous loan rates, attractive credit cards, and exceptional insurance value, let alone just being able to get approved.

If you improve your credit you can take advantage of significant savings and minimize interest rates. What is not to love? That is why experts will tell you to start with the right books to improve your credit. Here are the right credit repair books to get you started on your journey.

1. “Do It Yourself Credit Repair 101” by Courtney Allen

You might wonder, why would I want to do it all by myself? Well, you can certainly save quite a bit of money and learn a lot. The book “Do It Yourself Credit Repair 101” can certainly help you in several ways. This tremendous book will teach you more about individual steps to improve your score.

Key points you will focus on will include improper claims and wrong issues on your credit profile. What is even more helpful is that this book provides you with sample letters to reach out to collection agencies and other firms. The book is easily accessible at your local bookstore or at online e-commerce sites.

2. “Credit for Complete Beginners: Build and Fix Your Credit” by Marquess Hitchcock

“Credit for Complete Beginners: Build and Fix Your Credit” takes the reader from the very basics and helps them become more advanced. This tremendous book will help you clear up credit fallacies. At the same time, you can learn credit practices to become a better borrower. 

But remember that you will have to look far and wide for this book. It is not in print at the present moment.

3. “Angel Credit Secrets: Everything You Need to Know About Credit Repair”

This is a book by April Nelson. This terrific book is quite short but it can make an impact on your life. The informative book is less than 35 pages but will let you know all about credit score inputs and outputs. You can also learn about credit regulations, steps, actions, and activities.

Thankfully, this book is present in several places from your local bookstore to large e-commerce sites like Amazon.

4. “Credit Repair Kit for Dummies” by Steve Bucci

This is a great book that helps readers to dive into the process of credit repair. You can learn how to use the necessary tools to go from one level to the next. This text helps you to strengthen your credit and improve it over time. It is valuable because it gives you a great program to use as you go on your credit repair journey.

It is available at places like Barnes and Noble and on Amazon.

Happy reading!


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